IMCA’s visual multimedia courses prepares you to write original stories and capture global audiences using photographic tools and photographic interpretations.

We will teach you the magical art of photography and storytelling, equipping you with the skills to inspire and move audiences through diverse cinematic tools. From the outset, you will be immersed in all aspects of the creative journey, from ideation and creative writing through to scriptwriting, production, directing, cinematography, sound and post-production editing.

While providing a sound basis, in theory, IMCA balances practical experience with a comprehensive acquisition of core skills. As a Film & Television Production graduate, you will be technically and aesthetically proficient in all areas of photography, film and television production and, through project-based collaborations, you will develop a diverse portfolio, ranging from comedies to music videos, documentaries and commercials.



Certificate of achievement in Commercial and Studio Photography  
 Certificate of Achievement in Portraiture and Wedding Photography  
Certificate of Achievement in Advertising and Illustrative Photography  
professional course in fashion/model photography  
Certificate of Completion in Digital Photography  
Certificate of Achievement in Fine Art Photography  
Certificate of Achievement in Multimedia photography  
Certificate of Completion in Photojournalism  
Certificate of Achievement in Digital Photo Technician  
Certificate of Achievement in Creative Photo Arts  
Certificate of Completion in Photo Criticism Skills Certificate,  
Photographic Laboratory Technician Skills  
Certificate of Completion in Beauty/makeup photography


Documentary and narrative photography


Professional Editing    

EDITING AND RETOUCHING in Adobe Photoshop (Ps)


EDITING AND RETOUCHING In Adobe Light room (Lr)  







Diploma in Film & TV Production (DIFTVPRO)


Diploma in Music Video Directing With Cinematography (DIMVPRO)


Diploma in Advance Filmmaking With 3D Animation & VFX (DIAFMA3D)  
Diploma in Advance Film Making With Aerial Cinematography (Drone Piloting) (DIAFDAC)  

Diploma in Digital photography

Diploma in Music Production (DIMPRO)


Diploma in Music & Video Production (DIMVPROMHI)


Diploma in 3D Visualization & Animation (DI3DVA)


Diploma in 3D Visualization, Character Design & Animation (DI3DVCDA)


Diploma in sound engineering